The #5MinBehaviourPlan by @LeadingLearner and @TeacherToolkit

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The #5MinBehaviourPlan has been developed to help address the frustration that many teachers and staff, who work in schools, have with low level disruption.  The background thinking and some more details to help you implement the #5MinBehaviour Plan can be found in the blog post, “Getting Behaviour Right: Research Plus Experience” by @LeadingLearner.

The plan focuses on rules, routines, relationships and disciplinary interventions (rewards, sanctions and behaviour management strategies).

Behaviour - Outline #5MinuteBehaviorPlan


Note Taking Skills for 21st Century Students


Note taking skills aren’t just automatic. We tell students “take notes” but they have no idea what that means. What makes “good notes.” What do they write down? What should notes look like?

note taking skills

Every since I went through the Writing Across the Curriculum Course at my school I realized the tremendous gap between “writing” as we’ve taught it traditionally and 21st century writing skills. That frustration threw me into research about how to teach writing in my classroom (all of that research was then put into my new book Reinventing Writing – just because I couldn’t find the book I needed when I was struggling with teaching writing in the digital age.)


A nice article on assessment:

Do you have different criteria for all the different projects students do?

As you plan evidence of learning for students given the learning outcomes, do you sometimes hesitate to ‘get creative.’ Last week a teacher in Alberta asked me, “What do you do about setting criteria with students when they are all using different ways of representing their learning? Some of them are building models, some are writing, some are making videos and so on. Do I have to have separate criteria for each one?””
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