TEACHTHOUGHT has a great list of YouTube tools


I am using quietube when I want to show a YouTube video without ads and distractions.

It is an extension in Chrome or it can be added as a bookmarklet in other browsers.

Quietube from SMAFILM on Vimeo.


TOOGLES is a browser for youtube videos without the clutter


Cut YouTube videos to just the parts you want.

SAFESHARE TV works similarly to quietube and TubeChop

If you want to make your own videos try YouTube Editor where you can upload your own video and add your own music.

Drag On Tape (from

There may be times you need a series of videos and they would be better off watched one right after another. Drag On Tape does just that. Insert the videos via their YouTube URL. You can trim to the sections you want, add another video and another and another, creating your own personal mixed video that you can then post via a link or embed.

Watch2gether (from

Sometimes watching a video as a group is just what you need. Watch2gether does just that. You create your own, private screening room. You then share the room via a link with your group. They enter and you can watch the video, synced together. There is an option to create playlists and the chat feature works great for collaboration.


What is eduCanon?

eduCanon is an online learning environment to build and share interactive video lessons. Teachers begin with any YouTube, Vimeo, or TeacherTube video content (screencasts, Khan Academy, Minute Physics, TED, NOVA, etc.) and transform what is traditionally passive content into an active experience for students. By time-linking activities that students engage with as the video progresses the content is segmented into digestible components – increasing student engagement and, through our real-time monitoring, informing the next day’s lesson planning.

How is eduCanon used?

eduCanon is used in a 1:1 student learning environment. Teachers have used our interface in class as a blended tool, assigned students an eduCanon lesson as homework in a flipped setting, and even asked students to create their own eduCanon lesson as a higher-Bloom’s project! eduCanon is flexible to suit the resources and teaching style of your classroom.

What browsers and devices do you support?

eduCanon is a webapp. While eduCanon works on all major browsers, the best experience comes from Google Chrome and Safari. It works on Macs, PCs, and is even responsive to iPads. You can even embed it into your website or blog!





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