Read this great analysis of the Youtube video about reading – a liquor commercial about reading (and drinking).
From Joe Bower’s blog: http://www.joebower.org/2014/02/heres-what-learning-how-to-read-looks.html


Free voluntary reading. We learn to read by reading. Self-selected reading for pleasure (0:53) is a major factor in literacy development. No book reports. No chapter quizzes. No vocabulary lists. The best teachers find their students interests and then they help their students find books that match those interests. Did you see the look on that old man’s face (0:18) when he looked up at his son’s poster in the book store’s window? That’s the look teachers look for. Where there is interest, achievement follows. The best teachers look for that look on their students’ faces and then artfully guide them to books that they might never have found on their own.
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